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The Restorative Benefits of Gardening


As some garden centres are beginning to open and more to follow - these early steps to ease lockdown measures bring a new source of wellbeing to us all. Whether utilising our windowsills, balconies or outdoor space, we took a moment to reflect on the new possibilities with our Founder, Elizabeth Marsh. 

“One of the things that has made the lockdown more bearable for me has been the good weather. I find it hard to feel down when the sun is shining - and watching the garden blossom in a way it hasn’t for a few years now has been the icing on the cake!”

Floral Scents to Soothe 

“My jasmine didn’t really flower last spring because there wasn’t enough sunshine and my garden faces north-east, so opening the back door to a noseful of winter jasmine, which on the warmer days has permeated the entire house, has reminded me how lucky I am to be surrounded by such abundance and the magic of flowers is real.”

Creativity with Spring/Summer Blooms

“My daughter disagrees that we are better off with good weather, instead feeling the frustration of not being allowed to go out and enjoy it properly with her friends. My son, bless him, has been digging the garden to pass the time and get a bit of exercise.  Shortly, I will be collecting a pack of blood, fish and bone to fertilise my plants ready for strong growth this spring and summer and so the garden will continue its march towards glory.


Back-to-Work Friendly Plants

My garden centre has been available for the collection of plants and soil throughout lockdown and we have certainly continued plant maintenance for our clients.  As we go back to work this will become more significant as those who are able to return to the workspace will be concerned about social distancing, health and potentially envious of their colleagues who are still working from home. In a work environment plants offer the perfect opportunity to divide up workstations in a way that does not feel alienating, such as perspex screens, they help to clean the air by breathing in our carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen. Consider how you could introduce plants into your workplace to feel a little more like home - it’s one method for ensuring the office-bound don’t feel quite so much at a disadvantage.

Continuing to #StayPositive

Our #staypositive posy campaign proved quite clearly the impact of flowers and plants on our mental health. A small posy of beautiful flowers can really help to lift our spirits when we are struggling with the general malaise that has pervaded the mindset of society over the last few months. 

For some this seemed like a “woo woo” fantasy made-up to boost sales for businesses who marketed themselves in the wellbeing space, but this crisis has driven home to those people how powerful our mindset is in affecting our overall health and our ability to be happy. So I encourage anyone with a garden, balcony or windowsill to buy plants and grow plants in the earth, a planter, a window box or even in a pot, as the engagement with a living organism will help them stay connected, stay strong and stay positive.

We are able to supply bedding plants and all the summer favourites to add that splash of colour that makes summer living and loving so vibrant and enriching. 

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