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Do you want to send something special this Valentine’s Day?

Our 2024 collection has been curated by our specialists who know the power of unique gestures and the ability of flowers to show our loved ones how much we care.

Known for creating magical spaces
and leaving people feeling like they matter

Timeless classic bouquets that are made to perfection

The best and freshest flowers available

Expert help to ensure you make the right choice

Are you struggling to know exactly what to send and what your loved one will enjoy?

Based in New Covent Garden Market at the heart of the industry, our florists are some of the finest in the business and they will help to guide you through.

More than just beautiful bouquets, we can help with:

Boxes of Roses
If you want to send roses in a gift box, we can help

Valentine Wreaths
If bouquets aren’t quite right, we can produce a lasting wreath

Something else?
If you’ve got an idea in mind we can bring it to life

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“Nina loved them; she sent a photo and said how beautiful they were.”

— Private Client

Step 1

Get in touch with a floral designer to discuss what you want to achieve  

Step 2

Gain access to the very best flowers the market has to offer at the best possible price

Step 3

See your loved one receive the perfect Valentine’s gift

“I would like to say a huge thank you for my flowers. When I walked into the dining room, I was truly blown away. Thank you to the Elizabeth Marsh team for making it such an easy and enjoyable experience to order flowers.”

Cressida Scott, Private client


I want to make a statement to my Valentine but I am not sure how - can you help?

Of course we can! That is what we do best - we have plenty of ideas to run past you until you find something that speaks to you - then we help you hone it into a meaningful message

Is there a minimum or maximum order?

No, we will always help you if we can

How will I know they will like it?

We obviously cannot guarantee they will like it, but we have a tried and tested method to make sure it is extremely likely that they will

Do you deliver anywhere in the world?

Yes - we can make sure your Valetine knows you care wherever they are

Can I incorporate any other materials apart from flowers?

Yes - we work with many natural materials and, of course, can incorporate chocolates and other gifts if needed

How much notice do I need to give you?

As much as you can! We will always do our very best to help you but the more notice you give us the easier it is to create something magical for you

“Thank you for being so responsive. The flowers in the short time we have been back to receiving them have been awesome and we'll be in touch again very soon!”

James G, Private client