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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020


At EMFD we are all extremely pleased to start seeing a shift in lockdown and a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Unfortunately over the last couple of months some of London's much loved annual events have understandably had to be postponed or cancelled, including one of the pinnacle events in the floristry, and certainly EMFD calendar - The RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Each year we are hugely inspired and in awe of the amazing exhibits, shows and panels, as well as the beautiful installations seen all around businesses in Chelsea and the surrounding area. Here Elizabeth Marsh gives her insights on how the show has been adapted this year, as well as stand out elements from previous years.

What do you think of the virtual adaptations made to the Flower Show this year, in light of being unable to physically attend?

I think it is one of those things that as soon as you hear it you say ‘of course!’  Whilst the excitement of the hustle and bustle will clearly be lacking, the insight and knowledge passed on will remain the same as ever, and in fact this brings the opportunity to include elements that have not been covered before, such as the chance for the public to enter their garden to the MY Chelsea Garden competition.

Will you be keeping up with the digital Q&A's and interactive insights from gardeners and florists?

I will definitely be tuned into the whole event and will be keen to catch as many of the Q&A sessions as I can and to pass on any useful tidbits to our followers.

What makes The Chelsea Flower Show stand out as one of your favourite annual events?

Chelsea flower show is the one time when we celebrate Spring, the British way of life, the passion for individualism expressed in the most beautiful and versatile medium.  The British have a peculiar combination of eccentricity and conformity that really comes into its own in Nature and our garden and floral designs.

What has EMFD's involvement been with the Flower Show in past years?

As we are a floral design company we have been more involved in the Chelsea in Bloom competition Than the Chelsea flower show. We won second prize overall for La Perla with a flock of birds of paradise taking off from branches wrapped in satin ribbon with a coulis of burgundy chrysanthemums trickling down onto the pavement, we created flags of colour for the Sloane Square Hotel, a seascape for Tom Davies amongst others.  We will be sad not to be working on this this year but have to notice how Nature has benefited from a break during the last few weeks - and the weather may have also helped!


What has been your favourite show or exhibition in recent years?

I think my favourite installation was the 20ft rock that was airlifted in from Chatsworth House by Dan Peardon.  It was the sort of magic I like to create in my work and if I had designed a garden for Chelsea I would have done something similar. I love not only the magic of this huge boulder suddenly appearing from nowhere, but also the sustainability of it being magically transported back to Chatsworth again afterwards, the authenticity of drawing on a real classic garden, the celebration of our past and the knowledge that has come with that, not to mention our heritage which it is so important to remember and preserve and yet he did something new with it and all of this despite the odds, as I am so familiar with in my work. Well done to him.


Will EMFD be partaking in the show next year? 

We have been involved with Chelsea in Bloom every year for the past eight to ten years on some level or another, so we sincerely hope to be involved again next year.  As for Chelsea Flower show itself, well you never know… although Chelsea in Bloom is extremely demanding and I would not want to jeopardise the work we do there for an equally demanding place in the show itself, especially when the Flower show is really more about gardens.

Keep an eye on our social media accounts this week for more on this year’s digital show, highlights and our previous work!

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