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Floral- not flowery

There is a difference between a florist and a floral designer. Where floristry matches people to flowers based on celebratory occasions and personal tastes, floral design considers matching environments and flowers together to achieve an objective.

We have developed a unique 4 stemmed approach that ensures we meet and exceed our clients expectations every time:

No two clients are the same. Our first focus is always our client- what are their motivations for using floral design and how can we reflect their personality or brand in the installation we create?

Are the flowers to celebrate a special occasion, draw attention to something specific, or simply to provide an everyday welcoming ambience? Whatever the occasion, flowers add an element of success, sophistication and culture like nothing else.

The varieties and colors of flower we choose are impacted on the environment where they willbe placed. Is space at a premium? Do the flowers need to make a statement?, catch the eye or blend in?

Flowers vary in their cost and with budget pressures we ensure every installation achieves the desired result to the budget available.

We think outside the vase.
Floral design is about more than flowers. We think about the “context” for the installation and the desired impact. Do you want to inspire, engage or motivate staff? Do you want to welcome guests, celebrate an occasion or catch attention? Floral Design looks at the purpose behind the flowers and ensures that the right varieties, colours and arrangements are used to achieve the result.

Our approach is floral. Not flowery

"It's our mission to create magical spaces and leave people feeling like they matter"

No two clients are the same. Our first focus is always our clients.

Meet our talented team, lead by Liz Marsh

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