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"Making magic happen with flowers."

Choosing any supplier is difficult, but flowers are such an emotive and visual experience that you want to be absolutely certain that your choice is the right one. At Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design we understand that investing in flowers needs careful consideration and that the end result is both beautiful and has the desired impact.

Floral. Not Flowery.

Our 4 pronged approach means that we don’t just provide flowers. Everything we do looks at the purpose of the floral arrangement, the environment within which it will sit and the client we are working with. From corporate flowers to events and private functions everything we do is a natural extension of your personality, business or brand.

We’re experienced

20 years in Floral Design and a collective 50+ years of experience across our team means that we understand the role flowers play in the corporate environment and for our private clients. We understand that flowers can be a powerful motivator, a means of connecting with with clients and staff. Every client and every arrangement is different, but the synergy between the client and the flowers we provide is our focus.

We’re celebrated

With 20 years experience in the industry we have created a happy and thriving client base. Having won awards for our work and received nice client testimonials says we’re good at what we do.

We care

Flowers are a natural resource and one with a very limited lifespan. We recognise the potential environmental impact of Floral design in the world and have taken two steps to minimize the impact of our work.

Floral Angels

The first is floral Angels- they are a voluntary organisation created to bring joy and improve well-being through the power of giving flowers. They recycle the flowers we use in weddings, events and corporates to restyle them into beautiful bouquets/arrangements which are then delivered to those in need within our community.


Our offices are based inside New Covent Garden Market. This allows us to minimise our Co2 footprint as we eliminate a large proportion of our travel as we source flowers from the market where we are based.

"Floral. Not Flowery"

No two clients are the same. Our first focus is always our clients.

Meet our talented team, lead by Liz Marsh

"It's our mission to create magical spaces and leave people feeling like they matter"