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Blooming Heroes Initiative


Liz Marsh shares a few words on a great new partnership….

“One morning, shortly after launching our #stay positive posy campaign, I was contacted by Richard, the CEO of McQueens, a leading London florist. I have to say, I was slightly surprised as florists generally don’t collaborate too much, especially at the higher end of the market since the competition is quite fierce!

He told me that he had seen our Instagram post and was impressed with the campaign we had put together. Richard was thinking about creating a campaign of his own and thought that maybe we could collaborate. I was happy to, especially as I have been thinking for a while that florists need to help each other rather than just competing.  

He had some wonderful supporters, including the Lord Mayor of London, all of whom were interested in helping to generate much needed publicity  and foster awareness and authenticity around the #stay positive campaign.  

After a couple of brief discussions around the feasibility of this endeavour we agreed that creating a single website with different partners supporting one or two charities at most, could work well.  The benefits would be twofold. Firstly, the exposure created would help to publicise the work of  all partners involved and secondly. the collaboration between a renowned group of companies on one website would, potentially, reach a far wider audience than any one of us could hope to reach on our own.

This is what was put in place and I must say I rather like the idea that McQeens are supporting window boxes whilst we support the #stay positive posies – there seemed to be a neat tidiness around this, catering for all people’s needs.

We are grateful to Richard and his team for including us and hope that much needed funds will be raised, not only to help victims and frontline workers during the Covid-19 crisis, but also  to help the hospitality sector and our growers so that they too may be better able to  survive this ordeal.”

If you would like to know more about the initiative then head over to 

Or if you would simply like to champion our part of it, then you can still buy a stay positive posy.

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