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If I Were To Get Married, What Flowers Would I Have?

A breathtaking wedding floral display by Elizabeth Marsh at Syon Park. Photo by Anneli Marinovich.

A breathtaking wedding floral display by Elizabeth Marsh at Syon Park. Photo by Anneli Marinovich. 

Our timeless and classic Wedding Collection is designed to be beautiful, simple, and stylish, ensuring that however intimate or large your group is, the memories you will make in a magical space will be special, your own, and cherished over the years. 

While conceived with the purpose of creating an unforgettable atmosphere and complement to your dress, when it comes to our wedding bouquets, there is always more than meets the eye. We’ve outlined each component of our bouquets and their underlying features that not only make your wedding effortlessly stunning, but that hold a deeper meaning in ways that will be unique to you and the one you love. 

A classic Elizabeth Marsh bouquet from our click-and-collect collection, made up of finely-selected flowers to encompass one of life’s most beautiful days.

So what makes up your wedding bouquet? 

Depending on their colour, hydrangea hold different meanings. Our white hydrangea are particularly known to embody the closeness between two people and devoted friendships. In our bridal bouquets, white hydrangea also represent unrelenting devotion and love in its purest form.

In ancient Greece, bay leaves symbolised wisdom, victory and nobility, and were known for their power to protect those who held them against evil. 

White roses have long represented new beginnings, eternal love and trust, making them a timeless center of bridal bouquets over the years. 

Cow parsley is popularly known as Queen Anne’s lace, based on the folktale that flowers would bloom for the Queen and her ladies in waiting, to mirror the lace they wore around their necks. 

While lisianthus buds are known to encompass gratitude, and also embody traditional values despite being a contemporary flower, adding to their romantic charm. Moreover, they represent the internal bond between two people, and their everlasting devotion to each other. 

We add turkish cincerichee to your bouquet for good luck as you embark on a new and exciting adventure with your other half. 

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Specially designed to be delivered by courier or post anywhere in the country, our click-and-collect wedding collection is equally perfect for a ceremony in the leafy countryside or in a historic and romantic London venue. 

Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design continues to create bespoke bouquets and installations unique to you, and incorporates other wedding classics into your special day, including magnolias, gardenias, cherry blossoms, peonies, and lily of the valley.

Whether you are getting married or dreaming ahead, enjoy our little quiz below as you design your own wedding to find out what special flowers you would have.

What would your wedding cake be?

Where would you go on your honeymoon?


What would your wedding song be?


Where would the ceremony take place?


Your special flowers would be...

If you picked mostly 1s: Magnolias

Your special flowers are magnolias: the epitome of longevity, beauty, dignity and gentleness.     

 If you picked mostly 2s: White hydrangea

Like you, your special flower is timeless, and embodies everlasting love, friendship, and devotion.

If you picked mostly 3s: Lily of the valley

Your special flowers are lily of the valley, symbolising happiness, kindness, and good luck. Closely tied to the coming of spring, these little flowers also represent new beginnings. 

If you picked mostly 4s: White roses

An emblem of trust and everlasting love, white roses are your wedding flower.


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