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Elizabeth Marsh’s Flowers of Summer

Elizabeth Marsh’s Flowers of Summer

Our long-anticipated summer 2021 is upon us, and like many of you, our team at Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design is nothing less than delighted to find the streets of London humming along with the birds, our tree-lined parks in full bloom and budding with life in every form, and most importantly, people once again taking a moment to smell the flowers.

As a perfect celebration of August, gift, or complement to your home, we bring to you our beautifully curated Summer 2021 Bouquet Collection, which mixes storybook-like campanulas with plush garden roses and wildflowers that epitomise the English countryside.

Summer Solstice

This timeless bouquet is as perfect for a sunlit coffee table as it is for an intimate garden wedding. With beautiful white freesias dancing amongst other subtle yet stunning flowers including lady’s mantle and green Sweet William, this bouquet symbolises eternity and purity alike.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This bright burst of pink, lilac, and white bellflowers are like something from a storybook. With their whimsical flair, these multicoloured campanulas are playfully Shakespearean and a delightful complement to any room or table.

English Garden

Evoking late summer afternoons and the dreamlike rolling hills of the English countryside, this beautifully scented composition of wildflowers is like something one would pick in England’s most abundant garden. With flowering mint, astrantia and scarlet beebalm, this bouquet is guaranteed to leave a wonderful aroma that is reminiscent of summer days’ past.

Bohemian Rose Garden

Classic and romantic with a unique back-garden element, this bouquet bursting with fresh garden roses in beautiful shades of deep red, pink, peach and nude is a guaranteed showstopper, and combines a royal flair with a feeling of home.


Bringing to mind an exuberant bundle of fully-bloomed ballet slippers, our bouquet of pink campanulas encompasses elegance and joy, and will bring delight to anyone who comes across it. A favourite amongst adults and children, these little pink bells evoke light and life in any space they occupy.

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