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Elizabeth Marsh Announces Partnership With The Organic Pharmacy

Elizabeth Marsh Announces Partnership With The Organic Pharmacy

Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design has developed a fantastic new partnership with The Organic Pharmacy. Our brands, and ultimately our people, have come together based on a mutual commitment and love for bringing the riches of nature to our customers, and allowing you to connect with the natural world on a personal level.

Our teams collectively draw together highly competent and passionate in-house specialists to bring a multitude of ideas to the table and deliver the best possible products that both we and you can feel amazing about. 

“It is a source of pride to stand up and speak out for the issues that really matter to me.  Floral design sits amongst some of the least sustainable industries today and I have spent the last few years looking for ways to make a positive rather than negative impact.  The fact that The Organic Pharmacy is happy to be our partner reflects some of this hard work and that we are indeed making progress.” - Elizabeth Marsh, Founder of Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design

As innovators in organic beauty, The Organic Pharmacy’s products are high-tech, cruelty-free, and sustainable: key elements that align directly with our team’s focus on continuous innovation within the realm of floral design, all while finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint. 

And so, Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design is delighted to walk alongside you in exploring beautiful flowers and skincare products within the same space, built upon the same values. For our two teams, self-care and care for the environment are utterly intertwined. 

Whether you want to browse our dynamic duos at The Organic Pharmacy Collection at our online store or visit the company’s Marylebone High Street powerhouse, where a handful of posies or lilacs are but a natural accompaniment to your bath oil, cleanser, or tincture of the week, we cannot wait to welcome you. 

With spa services, treatment rooms, a yoga space, facial stations, a juice bar, dog area, and a product refill station – a fun experience and testament to The Organic Pharmacy’s environmental commitment – this new “store” (but oh so much more than just a store!) is undoubtedly unparalleled. 

“I’m thrilled to work with Elizabeth Marsh, knowing that what we do helps make the world just a little better with every flower. Creating businesses that respect the beautiful planet and the life on that planet is so important.” - Margo Marrone, Co-Founder of The Organic Pharmacy. 

Our in-house flower boutique located in the front window, bursting with seasonal blooms and an instantly calming aroma, is the perfect complement to your experience at The Organic Pharmacy. Together, our creations allow outer beauty and inner peace to bloom, quite literally, in perfect tandem. 

Whether you are browsing from the comfort of your own home, or celebrating London’s opening in The Organic Pharmacy’s chain of concept stores from Marylebone, to Chelsea, to the West End, we are delighted to bring you a multitude of experiences that, through the discovery of nature’s riches, allow you a new form of self-discovery. 

Our team at Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design is dedicated to working with partners and clients who share our values, and who allow us to grow our retail presence whilst remaining devoted to nature. Together, we and The Organic Pharmacy look forward to bringing together our clientele - and indeed to attracting new customers - through our unwavering commitment to delivering products we feel good about.

Our Collective Mission

Whilst sustainability and wellness are key aspects of our identities, Elizabeth Marsh and The Organic Pharmacy bonded over our mutual emphasis on the personal. Our ever-expanding range of flowers, designs, and products is born from our knowledge that we all have different needs and wants, and that how you maintain your wellbeing is a key element of who you are. 

Both of our respective teams have seen for ourselves the extent to which a simple bouquet can change the atmosphere of a room, and how a wellness routine - even using just one key ingredient - can shape the energy that you carry throughout your day. 

“I believe that by partnering with companies that share our values of ethical sourcing, supporting the artisanal sectors, respecting the wholesomeness of organic materials, we can do our bit in pushing sustainability into the mainstream and returning the world to a more wholesome state.” - Elizabeth Marsh, Founder of Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design


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