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It seemed only natural to our team at Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design to form a new partnership with LLIO, whose crystal-infused body oils, or christened “crystoils,” are a perfect complement to our array of summer bouquets. Healing our relationship with nature has always driven Elizabeth Marsh and all that she creates, and her team of floral designers is delighted to take a step further in healing our relationship with ourselves through self-care, grounding, and the riches of the natural environment that bring calm and connectivity in different forms. Our personal favourite gateways to finding serenity are coupled below. 


LLIO’s featured crystoils can be used as bath, body, or massage oils, and are the perfect gift for someone you love or for yourself. We’ve brought together our favourite bouquet & body oil pairings, to allow you to take a long moment to reset and let inner and outer beauty meet in perfect harmony.


1. Summer Solstice Bouquet & Magic Centre Crystoil

Our Summer Solstice bouquet is perfectly accompanied by LLIO’s Magic Centre, a deluxe remedy whose balancing, clarifying, and skin renewing properties are largely thanks to obsidian, the magic ingredient. The bouquet’s combination of white freesias, gypsophila, Alchemilla mollis and delicate foliage is simultaneously timeless and exceptional, which makes it a natural choice alongside this crystal-infused oil. The power that this pair holds comes from the marriage of the oil’s calming vetiver and emotionally comforting vanilla geranium, with our bouquet’s folklike white buds that calm at first sight - and indeed upon first scent.


2. Bohemian Rose Garden Bouquet & Love Yourself Crystoil


Combine our blush and fragrant Bohemian Rose Garden bouquet with its sister rose quartz bath & body oil, for a fully immersive experience rooted in this crystoil’s perfectly apropos name, Love Yourself. Our most personal bouquet & oil pairing is born from wild roses from our very own English gardens, as classic as they are unique, in stunningly vibrant in shades of pink, deep red, blush and nude. Throw in this self-pampering remedy derived from rose geranium, whose soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits apply to the body and mind alike, and you have the perfect self-love package for yourself or for a friend!

3. Ballerina Bouquet & Higher Self Crystoil 


Our flouncy & fairylike Ballerina Bouquet is perfectly paired with LLIO’s Higher Self citrine bath & body crystoil. Perhaps our most fun and exuberant assortment of flowers, these soft pink campanulas that instantly bring to mind little silk ballet slippers elevate the high that is promised with this golden oil composed of lemon, sweet orange, and black spruce. With this oil listed under British Vogue’s Top 8 Bath oils and one of our bestselling bellflower bouquets, we guarantee you this pairing won’t disappoint. 


You can shop the full LLIO collection here and our full Autumn 2021 Bouquets collection here

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