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Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design



EMFD as a floral design company has a vested interest in preserving the natural world and as such is working to understand our impact on the environment and arrive at a position of the least negative and most positive impact in each and every aspect of our work.

With a zero waste to landfill policy at the flower market, recycling all our left over event flowers, we are looking at better ways to deliver our flowers, checking our suppliers for their credentials and using our creative installations and network to drive awareness around some of the key issues facing society today.

Recently, we undertook a series of interviews with key figures that all share a common thread, they are all change makers and hold sustainability as a key driver in their work.

We invite you to dive into them to see how some of the most interesting and influential individuals in this space see the world around us, through the lens of the depth and breadth of sustainability.

If you would like to get in touch with Liz about being a part of this project then please email

Paul de Zylva - Friends of the Earth

Lord Stanley Fink - Businessman and Philanthropist

Caner Veli - Kind Community

Lars Klawitter - Jaguar Land Rover

“Sustainability is a multifaceted concept with many meanings. For me it means living from a humanistic perspective in all areas of my life, from self-development work to turning the tap off whilst brushing my teeth. It is an awareness that nothing comes from nowhere and to treat the world with the same respect I would want to receive.”

Elizabeth Marsh, EMFD