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EARTH HOUR – why should we care about light pollution?

EARTH HOUR – why should we care about light pollution?

Earth Hour takes place on 28th March from 8.30-9.30pm - the idea is that everyone who participates turns off their lights for an hour.

Light pollution is an increasing problem for the planet. If you saw the Earth from a satellite it would be lit up like a Christmas tree and this is not good for us and it is not good for Nature.

Animals whose natural environment has been destroyed, built on or made uninhabitable are increasingly coming into the cities for survival. Light pollution at night has meant that increasingly they are active 24/7 where they used to sleep at night.  Night-time also provides cover for them to forage from food away from harmful humans who might hurt them.

An interesting programme on Netflix called Night on Earth by Plimsoll Productions, films wildlife at night using specialist low light filming techniques and equipment. 

It seems that Singapore is the most animal-friendly city on the planet today with plenty of green spaces for them to live and forage. In India, a certain species of monkey is thriving because it is considered sacred, so Man is living alongside the monkeys and sharing the space.

As we increasingly destroy the animals’ habitat, whether for food, homes, industry or the by-products of our activities, we must learn to ‘move over’ a little and share our space with them, tolerating their differences from us and their right to co-existence alongside our species.

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