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Meet Mirishahe - New member of the floral design team

Meet Mirishahe - New member of the floral design team


Hi there!

Mirishahe here, joining the team at EMFD as an intern. I am a student from New York and have been living in London for about a month. I’ve enjoyed my experience in meeting new people, seeing new places, and trying new things! I plan to share my journey of living abroad and show how arranging flowers is a form of art in which I can express myself here in London.

My first week at Elizabeth Marsh was really enjoyable, as I delved right into the floral design environment - thrown in at the deep end you might say! Although I don’t know the names of many flowers, this is likely to change in the coming weeks! At least I know what my favourite flowers are - they also come from my favourite tree, the Cherry Blossom. I quite like the daintiness of the cherry blossom as well as the colour pink. Against nature and other natural coloured surroundings like blue, brown, or white, pink stands out and can make any random part of the street appear magical.

As I moved into London, I particularly noticed the designs of various buildings and streets, which are very different from my suburban home in the States. Central London has a rich mixture of large and small buildings all meshed together in various architectural styles, which can sometimes look rather grey and industrial.  

Each time I see a cherry blossom tree on my walk to classes or on my way to brunch, I feel a sense of cheer and serenity in the moment. To me, these trees convey true beauty in the everyday bustle of a busy city. You don’t often see them in London, but when you do, they make a lasting and memorable impression. 

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