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Bring nature into corporate space with biophilic design


Here at EMFD we are passionate about biophilic design, now more than ever. Biophilia means that as humans we have an instinctive bond with nature and an innate need to be around it.

Biophilic design takes this and applies it to spaces where we live and work - bringing the outdoors inside, therefore benefiting those living and working in that space. 

With lockdown easing and corporate spaces re-opening, people are slowly integrating back into the environment of work. As we transition into our ‘new normal’ we believe that biophilic office design is something that can really benefit the mindset of those returning to a corporate environment. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Featherstone, who are leaders in transforming corporate spaces into inspiring places through collaborative design so that, together, we can offer holistic solutions to our clients as they adapt their office space. 

Incorporating biophilic design into the workspace has many proven benefits such as reducing levels of stress among staff and sick absences being taken. 

In recent years, mindfulness and the wellbeing of staff in the workplace have become increasingly important for many companies, so much so that many have incorporated biophilic design into their office space. Three simple principles to be aware of as you aim to integrate this into a corporate space could be:

  • Having access to natural light and views of the natural environment can make a big difference to mood and productivity levels. Studies have shown that a huge amount of office workers don’t have access to natural light at all.
  • Making use of any available outside space whether it is a garden, green park, balcony or rooftop. Where possible, use of these spaces ought to be encouraged and made as welcoming as possible with seating and even tables to allow staff to work outside.Something as simple as breathing fresh air can improve staff wellbeing exponentially.
  • Bringing nature into the work space. This could be achieved with plants, stone, wooden furniture and flowers. By mimicking nature and the outdoors it can offer a calming effect to often sterile corporate environments. Bringing plants into the space also increases oxygen levels, which decreases mental fatigue.

These additions almost instantly allow for better air quality, a greater sense of wellbeing amongst staff, improved concentration levels and overall productivity. A more stimulating workspace allows for creativity to blossom and productivity to increase.

As offices begin to re-open after this turbulent time, it is imperative that team members feel relaxed and are being taken care of in the workplace, and we believe that the inclusion of biophilic design is a great place to start!

In addition to staff wellbeing this innovative design can transform the aesthetic of a space, with many companies becoming really creative. We have seen some beautiful examples of living walls as well as sky ceilings that help create the illusion of the outdoors. We certainly look forward to seeing much more biophilic office design popping up as more and more companies realise the importance of embracing nature in the workplace..

To see more examples of our work with Featherstone then head here or get in touch.


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