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The positivity of planting - 5 practical ways to keep indoor plants healthy and improve your health at home


As the space around us has become increasingly more important, we look to ways in which your home can be improved by greater use of natural resources - plants and flowers! 

Plants and flowers soften the environment, and make our surroundings appear more gentle and more relaxing. Caring for your plants can reveal your nurturing instincts, and you may well find that you take care of yourself better as a result. 

These sentiments may seem fanciful, but are important under the current, stressful circumstances. Flowers in the house will lift your spirits every time you happen to see them - whether you realise this or not - so if you want to maintain your mental resilience more easily surround yourself with cut flowers. Psychological studies have even determined that proximity to plants can lengthen your lifespan!

The flowers you choose are an expression of who you are - of your values, your temperament, your creativity - so do take the chance to explore. Arranging flowers is one of the most relaxing things you can do whatever the result. In fact, it is hard to go wrong where nature is concerned.  Flowers are inherently beautiful and will look wonderful however haphazardly thrown together. 

So with these points in mind here are our top practical tips for the home:

  1. Try not to be too clever in your choice of plants. Choose something that grows easily, as a thriving but commonplace plant is far more appealing to the eye than a designer plant that has seen better days! 
  2. Whilst being practical with your choice of plant, try to find a plant that you know you will love and care for, almost in the same way that you would care for a beloved dog or cat! 
  3. Never keep your plants over a radiator as the change in temperature will kill them - place them in the cooler and drier parts of the house.
  4. Ensure that you don’t place your plants in direct sunlight as this will scorch their leaves. 
  5. Plants can be susceptible to the cold too, so always remember to keep your plants out of the direct line of a draught.

If you would like to to speak to one of our floral designers on how more can be made of your space at home with our range of options for planting then please email 

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