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Plants for Offices

As you invite your staff and clients back to your workplace, they will want to feel welcome, protected and above all else, like they matter.


To suit these needs, every workplace will have to change…and change quickly.

Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design, in partnership with Featherstone, will help you to create a sustainable working environment that allows everyone to move safely whilst also increasing the productivity of staff.

Your team will demand a healthy working environment and through innovative partition design and creative planting we can deliver it for you.


These partitions are available in all manner of shapes and sizes - our bespoke solutions allow us to tailor the product to your space and need

We're here to help you, send an enquiry or call us directly

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Tradescantia cleans air from allergens & pollutants


Money plants add a lot of character


Dracaena will add a feature to clinical spaces


A hanging mix of spider plant and rhipsalis