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The Secret Garden - A wedding flower fairytale by EMFD

The Secret Garden - A wedding flower fairytale by EMFD

The wedding season is upon us. 

Each couple’s visions, expectations, and dreams for their special day can be wildly different from the next. But common to all is the dream of a perfect day. 

At EMFD, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke wedding solutions tailored to each couple’s tastes and budget. We care deeply about making the whole process  a good experience for you, where you feel that you are seen and heard, and our floral creations fulfil all your wildest dreams! 

A recent wedding we did was for the lovely Rebekka. Rebekka said yes to her fiance, Akaash, at the peak of the pandemic. Following the pandemic, the couple decided to hold a larger celebration and allowed EMFD the pleasure of creating the floral decorations.

“After some initial conversations, the couple’s vision was framed as a secret garden with wild, floating flowers, just like a fairytale. The inspiration was taken from one of Rebekka’s favourite books, ‘The Secret Garden’”, says Elisabetta Garigliano EMFD’s Design Lead. 

We started the planning process back in November beginning with a selection of white flowers mixed with pink colours. As the weeks went by, the vision was amended to constantly reflect the couple’s preferences.

The beautiful bridal bouquet with a selection of flowers in white and soft pink tones. The bouquet consisted of: mauve Astilbe, English roses, pale pink roses, Spray roses, Ruscus, Jasmine, Pittosporum, and mauve Lisianthus. 

We had to co-create the client’s dream brief in a cost-effective way. EMFD only works with the best suppliers to ensure that even with cost-effective briefs the flowers are of the highest quality.  

Our floral touches could be seen throughout the day, from the beautiful ceremony at The Temple Church, to the stunning reception at The Inner Temple Hall. 

The church installation as seen in the main image at the top "was designed to have the effect of a frame surrounding the bride and groom to help focus attention on the couple in a very big church. We decided to go with a lot of white and lighter-coloured flowers and combine them with the darker green colours to bring the design together”, Elisabetta notes and continues;

“The installation was created asymmetrically to mimic the organic growth of a wild garden and flowers at various stages of their life cycle”.

As the brief changed along the way, we decided to introduce more red and burgundy colours to coordinate with those of the reception venue’s interior and surrounding decorations. 

We used the red flowers in the Welcome sign as a soft transition between the white flowers of the church installation and the more prominent use of the red colour in the reception venue.

Flowerlist: mauve Lisianthus, Avalanche roses, Sweet Avalanche roses, white Scabious, Green bellflower , Ammi, Gypsophila, white Delphinium, pale pink and white Spray roses, burgundy Spray roses, Ruscus. 

The lower part of the arrangement illustrated flowers growing upwards from the ground towards the sign, just as they would appear in a garden, with the top part tying the framing of the sign nicely together.   

The venue was the stunning Inner Temple Hall, with lots of space to allow the arrangements to stand out and make an impact. 

It was wonderful to finally have an event here - we first developed the relationship with the venue before its refurbishment and then lockdown followed pretty shortly thereafter. It feels somewhat like a long-standing relationship but in fact we’re only getting going. It feels rich and rewarding to be finally coming together on plans and promises made some time ago. 

At EMFD we always enjoy relationships with venues and clients who really engage with the creative process, and when that happens it’s great to embark on a particular journey with them. 

We find that when customers are willing to make the commitment, we learn and grow alongside them so that the end result exactly describes their vision, only better. 

Two stunning arrangements welcoming guests into the cocktail room, where our floral touches were to be found around the room. One was this spread.

This is some of the most frequent feedback that we get, and we feel that this is really important for us as we pride ourselves on representing the customer’s values, sometimes even more than our own! When expressing the customer’s values, we, in that way, are able to meet our own. 

The main room was decorated with floral arrangements on each table, a runner of flowers in a floating design across each one. Flowerlist: mauve Lisianthus, Avalanche roses, Sweet Avalanche roses, white cabious, green bellflower , Ammi, Gypsophila, white Delphinium, pale pink and white Spray roses,  Spray roses, red Spray roses, chocolate Cosmos, trailing ivy, Ruscus, mauve Astilbe.

One of the key considerations to this wedding was that it took place at one of our busiest times of year. Whilst Liz always expects superlative work from the team -she is proud of the way in which each member engaged and supported each other throughout.   Although this was one of three major events that took place consecutively, each one was fulfilled to the standard that our customers have come to rely upon. 

If you would like a chat about your upcoming wedding or social event please get in touch via the link below


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