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Liz on the Jubilee, The Queen, and all things flowers for the weekend!

Liz on the Jubilee, The Queen, and all things flowers for the weekend!

As we approach the Platinum Jubilee celebrations to mark 70 years since Her Majesty the Queen ascended the throne, Liz reflects on this extraordinary achievement.

What does the Platinum Jubilee mean to you?

My generation is very lucky in that we have enjoyed a period of unprecedented stability  in abundance.  The Platinum Jubilee represents that long, lazy stretch of peace, prosperity and creativity.  As Head of State, I think the Queen can take some of the credit for that with her simple, unwavering presence, her stoicism and commitment to her duties.  As we pause after two years of lockdown, we can look back so we are better prepared to look forwards and make sure the next era is one of healing and an even better future for the next generation.

What does the monarchy mean to you? 

For me the monarchy represents stability, both political and social, and a point of authority that is not partisan or connected to the current corridors of power - for me this creates a healthy society with humanitarian values remaining on the agenda.

How do you plan to celebrate the Jubilee? 

Our business does not stop for holidays so we will have a few bits to do, in particular on the Saturday, but I will be attending a family gathering in Hampshire with my extended family (together with the various dogs and cats) for lunch, floral crown making and croquet!

How does the Jubilee influence EMFD? 

I think the monarchy influences the whole of London society, and since our work is so closely intertwined with this it has an impact on us too - from fashion, to charity work and the things that make up the social fabric of our lives. 

How have you chosen the EMFD Jubilee colour scheme? 

We chose the colour white to signify the purity and spiritual element of the Queen’s role, purple as the classic royal colour and pink because of the rose called ‘Queen Elizabeth’  in HerMajesty’s honour. 

In your opinion, what impact do you think floral design and flowers have on a celebration like the Jubilee?  

The other day I bumped into someone I had not seen since before lockdown and we chatted about the uncertainties that lie ahead.  They commented that one thing that will always be needed is flowers. I think they are woven into the essence of life, all our celebrations involve and enrich them and I think the Jubilee is the same.  How can you have a jubilee without flowers?!

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

I am looking forward to witnessing the outpouring of love for the Queen. I felt sorry for her during the 1990s when her world must have felt as though it was imploding, and I just hope that I can show as much stoicism and courage in the trials and tribulations that I might one day encounter.  I wish her the very best of everything, but above all to see and hear for herself the love and admiration the country as whole has for her. 

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