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The Chocolate Detective

The Chocolate Detective

Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design is kicking off autumn of 2021 with what is undoubtedly our most delicious partnership yet - creative, nostalgic, and one we can feel good about in every way. 

The Chocolate Detective was founded by British chocolatier - or chocolate activist - and sustainable cocoa expert Chantal Coady. You may already know her as the founder of Rococo, but now her goals are directed towards sharing delectable chocolate with the world that is sustainable, ethical, and transparent, being sourced from local cocoa farmers in Grenada.

Like our founder Elizabeth Marsh, Coady has struck the impeccable balance between a creation that is both socially and environmentally conscious, and beautiful in unique and imaginative ways. Both businesswomen remind us we don’t need to compromise luxury products for sustainable ones, and that when a bouquet or box of chocolates contains both elements, a certain magic happens.

With their logo pack drawn by Quentin Blake, illustrator of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and no stranger to sweet treats himself; and with stunningly designed and unparalleled-in-deliciousness products spanning from Puffin Eggs, to Blackbird Eggs, to Provençal Chocolate Almonds, we knew that our purposes were meant to merge, offering individuals gifts to remember and to warm the heart.

And speaking of gifts to remember... our latest collection of bouquets, whose overarching theme is playful and fairylike, invites you to find the perfect complement to your sustainable chocolates. Pair A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a box of the most charming speckled Blackbird Eggs, or explore beyond, and let someone special know you’re thinking of them. Or simply treat yourself with a bright addition to your week that you can feel good about!

Shop the full Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design x The Chocolate Detective here.

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