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QEII September Installation - Back to School

QEII September Installation - Back to School

‘There is a journey of a thought from the thinker via a flower, a stem, a tree, paper, a book, to the mind of the reader.’

This idea resonated with us as we find a certain beauty in this journey and wanted to celebrate it in line with the start of the school year, which rather aptly coincides with Autumn and harvest festival. This is the time of year where we reap the fruits of our labours and nature rewards us for our tender loving care over the Spring and summer.

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In the same way, our children go back to school to learn and pave the way for the future with adirect correlation between what we teach them and what they then do with this knowledge asthey go out into the world.

Within this installation we used hardback books to represent this journey. We feel there is a beauty in the love and care that went into the making of them that is possibly missing in modern education.

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With the current turmoil we see happening across the world today we wanted to remember the importance of education in democracy and remind ourselves to put our tender love and care into the education of our children.

This is part of a series of works celebrating nature, sustainability, environmental awareness and craftsmanship. Let us know what you think by commenting on our social media posts. Find us here and use the hashtags #NSEC #EMFDxQEII

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