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Happy Chinese New Year from EMFD

Happy Chinese New Year from EMFD

There are many flowers, plants and even fruits that are associated with the Chinese New Year. But for us at Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design, the two plants that really stand out over this period of celebration are the peony and the pussy willow.

The flowers of the peony (mudan 牧丹) are sometimes known as the 'king of flowers' or the ‘flowers of wealth’ (fuguihua 富貴花) symbolising royalty, virtue and prosperity. Peonies have exotic, bowl-shaped flowers and can be found in a range of vibrant colours ranging from pure whites, pinks to deep burgundy reds with a central mass of stamens often coloured yellow.

The pussy willow, rather like the peony, also symbolises good fortune, and it, too, is very popular during Chinese New Year. For many, the willow heralds the start of Spring as their strong, brown stems are accompanied by silvery, furry buds, or catkins as they are sometimes known, just waiting to burst into full life.

Peonies can look wonderful in a vase or on their own, but when placed together with the strong architectural forms of the pussy willow, a simple arrangement can be transformed into something truly special.

For more details on how you can incorporate these wonderful flowers into your own floral design for your business or home then please get in touch!

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