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A Christmas Message from Liz

A Christmas Message from Liz

I find it hard to believe that 2020 has come to an end already! I thought finally a year would take a long time to pass, but this year has whizzed past even faster than most! And what a year….

At EMFD we believe in heading into the winds of adversity, so when the first lockdown arrived and we realised that we were still able to operate on some level (mainly due to the generosity and philanthropic approach of a couple of our clients), we decided to pay it forwards by doing our bit to support the NHS. 

We created our ‘stay positive’ posy campaign by working alongside Buzzbikes. Initially, we delivered their bikes to NHS workers with our idle delivery van and added a little posy in as an off-hand gesture. This was then followed up with a campaign to raise funds for the NET Coronavirus appeal. We raised around £1000 (simply by encouraging our community to buy a posy to donate to an NHS worker) all of which went to the charity. Not only did this keep us busy but, inadvertently, it alerted our clients to the fact that we were still open for business. Our bouquet sales increased as a result, and our customers were able to remind their friends and loved ones that they were not alone, at least in their thoughts.

Later, we launched the Green Ribbon Project. This came out of our post-Covid planting scheme where we created social distancing measures with our plants in a variety of creative and fun ways. Currently, we are talking to a community of around 60 business leaders from London and around the world in a plan to promote sustainability and, more especially, a new vision of how cities should be designed in the future. 

Finally, we have been preparing for the exit from Europe to make sure we are compliant, and that there will be no glitches in our ability to deliver the very best floral services to our clients in January when, hopefully, we will start to return to work again.

Next year, we shall be looking forward to seeing some of you again – in person!! Well, fingers crossed… and, also, to developing our new partnership with Organic Pharmacy - we will be launching new product lines around home delivery, together with our full spectrum lighting so clients can buy statement plants knowing that they will have enough light to survive and thrive, and some new workshop ideas that can be rolled out virtually or in person, amongst others.

And so, it just leaves me to wish you a very happy Christmas, whether you are in lockdown or enjoying a reasonable amount of ‘normality’ in your part of the country or world, the important thing of course, is to remember the reason behind Christmas and to make sure your poinsettias don’t get caught in a draught – or they will collapse within minutes!

Take good care and God bless (or whatever alternative ‘other’ you talk to) ;-)


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