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The Power of Plants


Plants work wonders for us, not only in our home and garden but in an office or working spaces as well.

We have been reflecting on the benefits the presence of plants have in our spaces to distil them into 5 reasons to support the addition of plants in any commercial environment: 

  1. They create a natural barrier to segregate people in shared working spaces, without dehumanising them - like a dividing screen would!
  2. Plants make an office feel more like home, creating a stronger sense of belonging to impact on increased productivity. 
  3. Certain plants act as a natural air purifier, consider introducing the likes of the Barberton Daisy, Chrysanthemum, English Ivy, a Snake Plant, the ever popular Spider Plant, Aloe vera, Chinese Evergreen or a Dragon Tree.
  4. A plant or bouquet of eye-catching flowers fills empty space in an office to distract from the 2m separation space between people, which might otherwise seem like a void that was once filled with people, to help mental resilience.
  5. Plants can help to make an office feel less like “drawing the short straw” compared to those working from home by boosting our mood. 

We hope this might be useful for anyone looking to make a working space more energising and productive.


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