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The Day of Love & The Power of Roses

The Day of Love & The Power of Roses

We can’t imagine an English garden without roses - England’s national flower - and when the mid-winter cold and the international day of love coincide, our floral designers find themselves creating beautiful bouquets that make February a month to look forward to. 

While roses have been symbolic of love throughout the centuries, their ability to make their recipients feel special and adored remains strong. With many elements of Valentine’s Day becoming increasingly clichéd, Elizabeth Marsh and her team are careful to ensure that each bouquet - from the simple to the extravagant - is unique and reflective of the message it is expressing. 

From silky cream-coloured bows, to flower boxes, to ornate or subtle foliage that brings out our blooms in deep shades of red, each of our products are handmade with the utmost care. Our commitment to creating a harmony between luxury and sustainability in everything that we do, from bouquets to floral installations, results in authentic creations that embody each of our clients and what they are looking for. 

Of equal importance to our own creativity are our customers’ visions: particularly around Valentine’s Day, we love to see romantic gestures brought to life through what our designers have to offer - from our online shop to our bespoke services. Whether you are wishing to surprise a loved one with a timeless assortment of red roses, a grand hanging floral installation, or a classic bouquet with a unique element - such as our Black Velvet roses whose depth emulates the feelings they convey - we look forward to bringing your ideas to life, tailored to your tastes and budget. 

Following the last few years, there has never been a more important time to let those near and far know how much we love them, and our Valentine’s Day Collection, created and curated for partners, friends, family, and beyond, is here to remind you that love - unlike so many things - is here to stay. 

Thinking outside the vase has long been our mantra, and despite decades of experience, our floral designers never cease to be amazed by the transformative and touching power of roses. Timelessness is their everlasting quality, and their ability to make your presence known is uncanny. 

Sending roses, in our opinion, is perhaps just as magical as receiving them: watching their recipient’s face - and then the space in which they are placed - light up is as heartwarming as it is a reminder as to why February 14th is a day for love in all forms. 

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