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Mirishahe’s new love of flowers

Mirishahe’s new love of flowers

I’ve started my second week at EMFD and have come to realise that I fall in love with a new flower every time I visit the market. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s hard to remember all of the flowers I see, yet it is so easy. 

My first day, I easily found Cherry Blossom’s because of my familiarity with them and their own distinct look, being small and dainty and placed all along a brown stem. 


For the start of this week, I chose to post a Sunflower, because I felt that I had forgotten about their beauty. They remind me of my friends since they celebrated these flowers constantly because in the city of Rochester in New York, Rochesterians love the sun and anything bright and yellow. 


For the Mother’s Day story post, I researched the most popular flowers for this holiday, which included tulips and lilies. As I took more photos in the market, the range of colour in the tulips caught my eye as well as their elegant style. White tulips are certainly elegant, but white with pink creates a different look of spontaneity and fun.

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