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Feb QEII Installation

Feb QEII Installation

Our February installation at QEII was titled ‘Washing Line’. This was designed to encourage recycling and show just how indestructible plastic bags really are. The basis behind this project began after Liz bumped into artist Amanda Petts who works with textiles, creating collages by sewing strips of one fabric onto another to create a sense of texture, warmth and of ‘something new’. Liz asked if she would like to help with an installation. We had been playing around with used supermarket shopping bags, trying to melt them and change their form so we could use them in interesting ways in our sculptures but had been struggling to get them to melt! Amanda managed to melt bubble wrap and used this as a base on which to sew strips of melted shopping bags, which came from the Tate Galleries.

Supermarkets and groceries are such homely concepts, so everyone can relate to and resonate with them. We therefore felt it logical to use the homely symbol of the washing line to hang the bags from - with the added practicality of allowing us to display our work. We used pockets of bright tulips amongst the bags as a herald to the warmer weather coming through while we move towards spring. Then once St David’s Day approached we swapped these for vibrant daffodils - a great way to diversify the installation!

The tyres beneath the washing line were left over from another installation and made perfect planters for our spring bulbs, especially once painted in bright and friendly colours. Rubber is extremely hard to destroy and so we wanted to highlight the use of leftover junk to make attractive and fun statements around the garden.

We loved hearing visitors’ feedback of the display and always enjoy the experience of designing and putting together projects that hold a key meaning or positive message. Keep an eye out on here and on our social media channels to hear about our March installation, we’d love to hear what you think!


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