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Elizabeth Marsh becomes a BoB Hero

Elizabeth Marsh becomes a BoB Hero

BoB are London-based business growth specialists who are “celebrating outstanding companies which are purpose-led – walking the walk, talking the talk and really making a difference in the world.” 

In their Cofounders words, Linzi Boyd says  “ These are businesses that have found a way to re-engineer their business model to navigate the changes, and they’ve done it quickly. They are bringing real humanity into their delivery mode and making a difference in the World. These are our BoB Heroes.”

We are thrilled that BoB have chosen us as one of their Heroes and here’s Liz explaining how it happened:

Faced with adversity when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we wanted to find some positivity in a negative situation. An immediate positive was that enough customers were supporting me that we would survive. 

Wanting to pay this forward, we came up with our 'stay positive' campaign, where people could buy a posy for people struggling with anxiety or depression. 

It could be someone they know, or maybe someone they don't, like an NHS worker. All the proceeds are going to the NET coronavirus appeal to help communities cope financially, and the business also helps flower growers to survive the crisis. It's a win for everyone!

Our campaign is still running and if you would like to support it then head over to the posy page - click here.


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