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A magical insight into Christmas at EMFD 2022

A magical insight into Christmas at EMFD 2022

December is the busiest time of year for team EMFD, from weaving wreaths with crabapples and dried berries for private clients, teaching creative wreath-making classes, to designing and assembling amazing installations for restaurants, hotels, event venues and much, much more. 

We were particularly excited when we received a couple of commissions to create some truly magical Christmas spaces at Trafalgar’s St James’s Hotel and Hyatt Place, London City East. For the former we wanted to create a sense of entering a secret garden whilst creating a beacon of light to shine out across the Square.

White and natural willow branches can be seen to envelope the entrance of Rockwell's restaurant that looks out onto the lions of Trafalgar Square, whilst white and silver baubles hold our gaze and 9000 fairy lights create a beacon of light to shine out and call to the revellers on dark winter nights.  



At Hyatt Place, we continued to build on the work we have been doing for the past year, helping the general manager to transform a fairly corporate building into a green oasis, by adding a little touch of glitz for a Christmas sparkle. Liquid copper material, suspended from the ceiling of the bar area, and a variety of different lights casting a glow on the terrace outside, sets the scene for the partygoers to fully experience seasonal goodwill. By contrast, another project completed for the Institute of Engineering and Technology, enjoys the impact of numerous Christmas trees, garlands and orchid planters in a classically elegant Christmas style. 


Equally exciting is working with Central Hall, Westminster, well known for their New Year's celebrations. Here we are using designs that combine the warmth of a traditional Christmas with a touch of adventure. We work in a whole variety of styles and Christmas is that special time of year when EMFD’s creativity and versatility really comes into their own.

Sometimes clients just want us to deliver a tree whilst others want corporate Christmas decorations bought by the foot. Others require something that will grab everyone’s attention and create a talking point. We also have more installations coming up which will be particularly inspiring, but as we are working in Tandem with certain PR companies our plans are being kept under wraps for now.

At EMFD, our focus is always to create designs that are themed rather than purely decorative whilst being mindful of new trends.

A lot of our creations are designed to reflect the appearance of a forest. Last year when we re-created a winter market at the Chelsea town hall for a corporate event, it proved to be particularly successful. 

The effect needed to look natural, understated, but at the same time, powerful. In one room we created an elegant, classical Christmas tree which would have graced any smart home, whilst in another, we placed a 15ft tree at its centre which created a focus for the market stalls where the food and drinks were being served.

What are the most impressive installations we have done before? 

Throughout the years, the team has created many breathtaking installations. Liz reflects on one of these: ’one of the most impressive, and breathtaking, was when a 24 foot Christmas tree was lifted onto the balcony of the front entrance of The Wellesley Hotel by a crane. By contrast, a snow storm of baubles floating mid-air in the reception of the Le Meridien Piccadilly is still mentioned by those who saw it before lockdown.’

At EMFD we always take our clients’ visions and wishes into account when executing our designs. ‘Creating magical spaces’ - Liz’s personal mantra -  is that both clients and staff should become more creative through their interactions with our company. 

Clients, through EMFD’s knowledge of current trends and designs, feel empowered to express themselves more fully; they see what we have done for others and this opens their eyes to the possibilities out there, whilst the team learns from each new brief, from each other and from their constant quest for the next new and unfathomed expression of nature.  

This enables them to extend their creative reach, to grow as artists, designers and as people so they are better able to serve the next client.

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